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This is Accent 3,Dynaudio`s active system.
Here are some amplifier schematics that were useful and very hard to find in late 80`s.Though you might rather buy them these circuit diagrams can be useful for good active systems,if you need 4,6,10,12,...16 amps for DVD,Hi-Fi,car or rocking rig it can be a good idea to make them yourself because of quality-expenses ratio....

Corner of my room,luckily it has about 20 square meters, still without carpets on walls.In the corner is current speaker i use ,each unit is driven by an amplifier,high and mid range amps are A class and have tubes (E88CC Telefunken)front.I preferr dome midrange speakers.Cut boards for 1,5 m high and 0,5 m deep transmission line are waiting for spare time to be assembled,this summer hopefully. Then it will be active 3-way transmission line.I usually listen hard and progressive rock anyway,sometimes good recorded classical music too. Currently I am working on my D/A converter - DAC with BB and CS chips.TI 320C6711 development board will be used for digital crossover.I am taking digital SPDIF from modified CD ROM drive used as transport.Target is digital crossover with DSP chips and high quality DA converters combined with tubes ecc81 and e88cc (ecc88). Hopefully it would be 24 bit 96/192 khz.Then CD may sound better than my Ortofon. I sometimes use 5.1 outputs for DVD listening from my Audigy 2,and use Marshall cabinet as subwoofer.

Moving magnet phono preamplifier I made for my DIY turntable with Ortofon MM catridge.Later i changed these siemens condensators with polypropilen type and improvement was very audible.

Schematics for simple Mosfet amplifier with 2sk134 2sj49 pair

Little contribution against just a few good schematics on the net.

Excellent 80W HI-FI amplifier schematics

Standard bipolar amplifier design-but still very good one,darlington pair on output BDV type

I used this one for Car active system.

Circuit diagram of amplifier with 741 and 2n3055

Schematic diagram for bipolar complementary pair output BD249/BD250 or MJ3055/MJ2955

Guitar one from Radio Amater magazine ...


Picture of built amplifier on Marshall speaker,notice 800W transformer and 33000 uF capacitors in power supply:


Some nice pieces of kit on this pic, it is preamplifier built by Mr. Baricic ,a member of legendary SBI (Sam svoj majstor magazine , Dynaudio units based systems) speaker designers team ,and his active crossover Logic Sound (very good amps made under same name from him) ,very best electronics inside of both and great sounding!

Butterworth 3000 and 600 Hz,I recalculated values and lifted low-mid cut for mine.

Linkwitz Riley active filter I built for two way active monitor (rear speakers).Crossover frequency is 3000 Hz and 24 dB per octave slope.I used 1% Iskra capacitors.TL084 and metal film resistors.Hard-wired as in tube technology :).


After trying to get Hendrix`s feedback guitar sound in 1989 by connecting my hand made pick ups to tape head input i made this fuzz pedal,and i still prefer it over Zoom 505...

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Amplifier schematics pojačalo šema pojačala audio hi-fi aktivna skretnica 2n3055 bd139 bd 140 linkwitz riley digital audio crossover digital crossover